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eBay Help Pages is the best option when trying to contact eBay customer service. You can contact via eBay Customer FAQ, Forum, and Online Help.

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Navigate to ebay.com/help/home. If you have a problem with your account, online order, return and refund click on this link or paste it into the search bar of your browser and hit enter to go to the page.

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Contacting eBay Help Pages

This is the official customer support page of eBay, which contains different options for contacting them about a variety of issues.

If you are looking for eBay’s best customer help page or faq or forum, this is the best entry point.

If that doesn’t work, contact eBay directly by calling their customer service number at 1 (866) 540-3229.

eBay Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a PayPal account to sell on eBay?

You need a Paypal account in order to use PayPal to receive payment for eBay sales. If you don’t have an account, we’ll ask you to sign up when you create your first listing.

How does eBay work when buying?

There are two ways to buy on eBay. With Buy It Now, you pay a fixed price and buy the item immediately, or you can bid on an item and try to win it for a lower price in an auction. On some listings you can also make an offer of the price you’d like to pay. Enter your search term to display live search results.

How do I return an item to eBay?
  • To start a return, find the item in the purchase history section of My eBay. …
  • Select the reason for the return. …
  • The seller is notified of your return request and will send you a return shipping label if they are paying for the return. …
  • Next, pack the item carefully. …
  • Tracking your return package:
Does eBay charge a monthly fee?

The fees they charge for selling an item on eBay mainly depend on what you sell and how much it sells for. They will send you a monthly invoice, and you can pay by PayPal, credit card, or direct debit.

How do I get paid on eBay?

After you’ve sold an item and the buyer has paid, you’ll automatically receive your proceeds, but the exact process and timing will depend on the payment method the buyer used. If the buyer pays with either PayPal or a credit or debit card, they will send you an email to let you know when the payment is in your account.

How can I sell in eBay?

Become an eBay seller.

  • Sign up to accept PayPal – the preferred payment method on eBay (optional). …
  • Fill out the Sell Your Item form. …
  • Review and submit your listing. …
  • Communicate with your buyer. …
  • Receive payment. …
  • Send the item to the buyer. …
  • Leave the buyer Feedback.

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 by Stephanie Roeder on Great Customer Service

Since the current owners of ebay have been in charge, there is a relentless ethos of changing everything for no good reason. Often, the so-called ebay "improvements" are nothing of the sort, and often render various functions into a worse state than they were originally. This complete obsession with changing things for no good reason, doesn't extend to the maintenance of broken things on the site. When things break, they just don't get fixed. You can report the errors till the cows come home, but 6 months later, we are still dealing with the glitches. ebay needs to focus on maintaining the site they have now, in a proper manner, so that everything actually works! - That would be very nice indeed. The aspect of viewing feedback used to be simple. Now we have to jump through multiple hoops to view the feedback of a seller. As someone with RSI/CTD every click is important to me. To make something that takes one click, to something that takes 6 clicks is NOT an improvement. It is STUPIDITY....and please fix all the dead ends, blind links, and everything else that doesn't work.