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This is the official customer support page of Nationwide, which contains different options for contacting them about a variety of issues.

If you are looking for Nationwide’s best customer help page or FAQ or forum, this is the best entry point.

If that doesn’t work, contact Nationwide directly by calling their customer service number at 1 (877) 669-6877.

Nationwide Frequently Asked Questions

What’s needed for an auto quote?
In order to complete a quote, we’ll need to know:
Who you are?
Where you live
Who lives with you?
What vehicles you drive

How do I view my auto insurance ID card?
Log in to your account.
Click ID Cards & Documents.
Click View/Print ID Card under Auto Policy Details.
*ID cards are available for the past 15 months. Due to state requirements, we aren’t able to provide ID cards for members in some states, such as Delaware and New York.

Does renters’ insurance cover car damage?
Damage to your vehicle would not be covered by your renter’s insurance policy. However, if you have personal possessions that were stolen or damaged inside your car, renters will typically kick in to cover the costs incurred.

Can I still use my vet?
Absolutely. You’re free to visit any licensed veterinarian, anywhere in the world—even specialists and emergency providers.

How do I file a claim?
File a claim in just two easy steps:
Pay your veterinarian at the time of treatment.
Send us your claim form along with your invoice(s).
We take it from there. We’ll process your claim and mail your reimbursement faster than a beagle can sniff out a treat! *

* For eligible conditions.

What is travel insurance?
Travel insurance is coverage designed to protect against risks and financial losses that could happen while traveling. The risks range from minor inconveniences such as missed airline connections and delayed luggage all the way to more serious issues including injuries or major illness.

What should I do if I suffer a property loss?

  1. If necessary, protect your property from further damage by making reasonable temporary repairs. Keep a record of repair costs and be sure to keep your receipts.
  2. Notify us.
  3. If damage was caused by theft or vandalism, notify the police.
  4. If your loss is related to a bank electronic fund transfer or credit card, notify your financial institution.
Specific instructions are available for property losses caused by wind, water, hail, or theft. Review the information on:

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 by jems on Nationwide

my tax rebate was sent to this company i was due £420 pounds nationwide pip ,i am only getting £190 of it this company is keeping the rest. AND i haven’t even recieved my £190. that’s from august i dident give my permission to act on my behalf BEWARE